Welcome to my home page.

Wait . . . let me think . . . yep, yep! You really ARE welcome to my home page!

Click Here to Read my Final Fantasy VIII retelling in one big lump.

I'll break it up into smaller chapters as I regather motivation in the wake of the transition away from my old site.

Click Here to see my alternate rules for Pirates of the Carribean LIFE : Dead Man's Chest.

The Gathered Parodies! More Perhaps to come.

I am beginning to gather my creative fiction. Hopefully, these won't give you an inaccurate perception of my real personality.

Here is creative non-fiction: essays, critiques, responses, and perhaps, some day, my lousy poetry. I wish I were joking, but no: my poetry really is lousy.

Click Here to go absolutely nowhere.

Should you feel the need to contact me, try bandobras_took@email.com